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Our Mission: (its simple)

To provide our customers with the best quality American made skateboard products at affordable prices.


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ALL OutLook & BURLEY Products are manufactured in the US!


OutLook Staff:

Staff Artist:

Josh Hannah


Contributing Artist:

Jeff Gaither

Tim Steenstra


Steve Olson

Jay Bertsch


Guest Artist:

Legendary Pooch from Altered State Tattoo.com

Steve Olson


Contributing Photographers:

James McGury

Vince Hamilton

Charles Lillo

Brian Fick

Ali Khosravani

Rick Andrews

Katie B.

Brad Thorton

Vincent Spiceland

Jo Ann Thomas


Contributing Videographers:

Jim Grosser

Vincent Hamilton

Aaron Chilen

Eric Musto

Vince Spiceland


Prior Video Editors:

Jim Grosser

Vince Hamilton

Josh Holtz


Team Manager:

Ray Fennessey




Our Story:

OutLook Skateboards was established in the year of 2000 by owner Vince. Vince grew up skating in the 80's in Virginia Beach, VA & the DC area never losing his love for the sport of skateboarding. Since the first year OutLook started there has been some major steps in the growth of the company. OutLook is one of the few East Coast skateboard companies which has actually stepped up to the plate with some of the Industry giants. Running ads in all the major Skateboard Magazine such as Transworld, Transworld Business, Thrasher, Slap, Juice, Resolve, Focus, Truckstop, FTK - For The Crew, Concrete Wave and more. OutLook also has entered and will continue to enter there professional and amateurs riders in all the major skateboard contest......such as ESPN, Vans Triple Crown, Tampa PRO, Tampa AM, Kona Nationals, Damn AM, Deathbox Series, and many others. OutLook will continue to grow with skateboarding with the support of all our customers, fans, and skateshops who support our products.


The man who started it all Tony Alva & Vince
Inventor of the OLLIE Alan "OLLIE" Gelfand & Vince


Skateboard legend and all time favorite Christian Hosoi & Vince
Skateboard Industry power house and skateboard legend Reggie Barnes & Vince


Skateboard legend, & Zero Skateboards owner Jamie Thomas & Vince
Skateboard legend Mike Vallely & Vince


Skateboard legend Duane Peters & Vince
Skateboard legend and uncle Steve Olson & Vince


Skateboard legend Eric Dressen & Vince
Skateboard legend Ray Flores & Vince


Skateboard / Surfing innovator & legend Bruce Walker (Walker Skateboards), OutLook owner Vince, and skateboarding voice and legendary Alva Skateboards OG team rider Double D / Dave Duncan (Daggers)


Interview in Focus Skateboard Magazine with OutLook owner Vince from 2005. (below)




Interview in Resolve Skateboard Magazine with OutLook owner Vince from 2002. (below)

Vince Spiceland ___________________________________________________________________________________


Interview (below) on the Thrasher Skateboard Magazine web site with OutLook owner Vince. Vince sold and has the record for the most paid for a vintage skateboard in the skate collecting circuit. $6,000!!!!!





Click here for the $6,000 skateboard Interview



Newspaper article (below) from the mid 80's that featured the owner of OutLook Skateboards Vince, as well as other neighborhood skaters.

Vince Spicelan / Vince Spiceland






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