JFA / Jodie Fosters Army

JFA singer Brian Brannon: JFA recent punk show (photo 2006)


What is JFA?

JFA stands for Jodie Foster's Army. They were/are a skate punk rock band out of Arizona and Southern California skateboard culture. In 1981 JFA was born with Brian Brannon, Don Redondo, Michael Cornelius, and Bam-Bam. Basically JFA was sent here by the GODS of skateboarding to give the world what we call today skate punk style of music. JFA were the original founders and still to this day carry on the realness and will never die!!!


Shot from the 80's cult classic movie Pretty In Pink: Notice the JFA sticker on window


JFA singer Brian Brannon: Brian recent ripping with a BS smith grind (photo 2006)


OutLook Skateboards wheel brand BURLEY Wheels is pround to have JFA singer Brian Brannon as a TEAM Rider and will be releasing a BURLEY JFA pool skateboard wheel early in 2007!!!


Total mayhem and madness: JFA recent punk show (photo 2005)


 JFA - Beach Blanket Bongout

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JFA - LIVE: @ The Ken Miller Rec Center in Torrance, CA - 10/21/06


It's pretty simple. Those who know me, know that JFA is my all time favorite band!!! So check out some of the swag below I have collected from the best band ever assembled.....JFA!!!

Vince / Owner - OutLook Skateboards


Model: JFA Skateboards / Paisly

Circa: 1984 / Condition: NOS / Mint / un gripped

Notes: Punkrock band JFA had their own skateboard company in the mid to late 80's. The lead singer Brian Brannon (above & below) was also a pro skater for Independent trucks and Santa Cruz wheels.


Item: These were inserted in the "UNTITLED" Albums as catalogs/mail order form for JFA OG items!

Circa: 1984 / Condition: NOS / Mint!!!



If above link is not working click her for JFA LIVE recent performance!!!


JFA album: JFA - Only Live Once


Item: JFA - Blatant Localism 7" EP (1981 Placebo Records)

Circa: 1984 / Condition: Original NOS / Mint condition


 JFA - Lowrider

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JFA singer Brian Brannon: Independent add 1985


JFA singer Brian Brannon: Brian recent ripping FS 5.0 grind (photo 2005)



Item: Original JFA sticker

Circa: early 80's / Condition: NOS / Mint / un stuck

Notes: You would not belive what I have seen these go for on eBay!



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