Old Dirty Crew / The Legend Lives On!

John Willie (R.I.P.), Trey, and Vince @ Vince's old house shorlty before it burned down.


Vince, John, Dank, Phil, Rollando, and Chris M. @ Vince's 1998 or 99, hell maybe even 2000 (who cares)


DJ inVINCEable on deck with Merlin in the back ready for the tag-team re load. New Years Eve Party, VA Beach 1999.


DJ inVINCEable on deck at Mitty's, Newport News, VA 1999. (I think)


DJ inVINCEable on the Jungle reload. Notice the red battle wax up front.


Legendary Gary Glitta (R.I.P) MEL, two new heads and Vince @ Trey's old crib in Va Beach. (late 90's)


BW the Legendary Black Widow, Gary Glitta (R.I.P) and some other new school heads @ Trey's old crib in Va Beach. (late 90's)


Legendary Gary Glitta (R.I.P), MEL and some other new school heads @ Trey's old crib in Va Beach. (late 90's)


Tech Itch and Vince @ Circle Club in DC when I lived there. My eyes look like basketballs and his look like little gum balls. LOL!!


Marty Styles and Vince @ Flood (one night)


Andy Taylor, Vince, and Chris M. @ Flood (one night)


John Willey @ Flood before he ripped the mic up!!! (R.I.P.)


John Willey @ Flood RIPPING the mic up!!! (R.I.P.)


Signed by DJ AK1200.


Me Nigel Richards and the O.D.K. aka Old Dirty Kelvin @ the DC Armory 1997.


Signed by DJ Terry Mullen.


Signed by DJ Richard Humpty Vision.


Signed by Kimball Collins.


Signed by DJ T-1000.


Signed by DJ Bad Boy Bill.


Signed by DJ Icey.











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