A look into the art of JEFF GAITHER



OutLook has had the privilege of working with the Legendary Artist Jeff Gaither since the early days of there existence.

Jeff is known for his amazing artistic ability doing work for Bad Religion, DRI, The Misfits, ICP / Insane Clown Possee, 100 Demons, Slipknot, Biohazard, GG Allin, The Undead, Guns-N-Roses, Stone Temple Pilots, Candy Snatchers, Seven Dust, Lazarus, and many more.


Want him do to something for your band, company, zine, etc.? Contact him!!!

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Below are some of our favorite pieces done by Gaither:


Below is one of Jeff's latest finished pieces. The NEW OutLook Chris Guilfoose PRO vert model.

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Below is one of the first OutLook decks done by Jeff in 2000. These decks are long gone and the only person I now that may have some now is Jeff.




Jeff also worked with Ed "Big Daddy" Roth (RIP) for 4+ years drawing comics, shirts, & stickers. Below are two examples of work Jeff did for Big Daddy.

(RAT FINK" copyright Ed Roth)


Hey.....don't take it from us. Go check out his site and see your self!!!



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