For the first time ever,

OutLook Skateboards, Steve Caballero, and the Legendary Skate Punk Band The Faction presents:

Limited Edition Faction Skateboard Decks

The Faction has been considered the best Skate Punk Band of all time history. The Faction was one of the first "Skate Rock" Bands ever.Each member of the band (including Skateboard Legend Steve Caballero) being hardcore skate enthusiasts created a sound in music that would never be forgotten. This is the first time the Faction have ever produced a skateboard deck. These decks will ONLY be offered for a short time, exclusively through OutLook Skateboards. Every deck will contain a card that is a certificate of authenticity signed by each member of the band.

All OutLook decks come with FREE shipping (inside the US) , FREE black Iron Horse Grip Tape, FREE OutLook poster, FREE Skate Magazine, FREE 2004 skateboard Calendar, and 10 FREE Stickers!

Free Steve Caballero Bandoligy CD
Free Shipping
Free Grip Tape



Faction Decks are: SOLD OUT!!!

NOTE: One of our retailers is not in business and we had a chance to purchase back a few of these decks. We are selling them for the previous retail price as before. I have seen these go for over $100.00 each on eBay recently, so don't miss out. There are less than 10 left!

Faction OG Decks (first run)

Available size: 7.65" x 31.5"





Each deck will contain a card (shown below) that is a certificate of authenticity signed by each member of the band. Each deck will also be individually numbered from 1 through 200.

Steve Caballero
Ray Stevens


Gavin O'Brien
Keith Rendon



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