Mike V & the Rats

OutLook Skateboards, Mike Vallely , and the Punk Band Mike V & the Rats presents:

Limited Edition Mike V & the Rats Skateboard Decks

This is the first time Mike V. & The Rats have ever produced a skateboard deck. These decks will ONLY be offered for a short time, exclusively through OutLook Skateboards. Every deck will contain a card that is signed by each member of the band. There were 100 decks made and ONLY 80 are available. 7/16/04: UPDATE!!!!! All decks are SOLD OUT!!!



Rats Deck size chart below:

Old School shape available size:

9" x 32.5" w/ 14.5" wheel base / 6" nose / 7" tail

Standard Popsicle Stick.

8.0" x 31" with a 14" wheel base.

7.75" x 31" with a 14" wheel base.

7.5" x 31" with a 14" wheel base.



Below is the card that comes signed by the complete band, and is inserted in each deck.



Mike Vallely: vocals

Jason Hampton: guitar


Read Black: bass
PT: drums


For info on Mike V and The Rats check out there site below: