Steve Olson

Living Legend Series Deck #1

Featuring deck design and artwork by Olson himself.




OutLook Skateboards launches its new Living Legend Deck Series with none other than skateboard legend Steve Olson. The Living Legend Series will be a deck tribute to some of the most known skateboard legends of all time. Each deck will be very limited and will contain an autographed Living Legend Certificate of the depicted skater. Each deck will also be numbered from 1 to 300.



Olson Deck size chart below:


Funky Double Tail available sizes:

8-3/4" x 32-1/2" with a 16" wheel base.


Standard Popsicle Stick.

8-1/2" x 32-1/4" with a 14-1/2" wheel base.

8-1/4" x 31-3/4" with a 14-1/2" wheel base.

8.0" x 31" with a 14-1/2" wheel base.

7.75" x 31" with a 14-1/2" wheel base.



Steve Olson Deck

Available in two different shapes, with many different sizes to choose from.

1. Funky double tail designed by Olson.

2. Standard Popsicle Stick.

ONLY: $49.99 w/ FREE shipping! (US only)

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Steve Olson skater of the year 1978!!


Each deck will contain a Living Legend card (shown below) that is signed by Steve Olson. Card will be shrinwraped in with deck. Each deck will also be individually numbered from 1 through 300.


Top of deck showing each deck individually numbered. (below)




Standard Popsicle Stick (below)


Picture from an old school Skull Skates 80's ad featuring Steve Olson. Above is a past poster that was featured in Juice Magazine. For more info on one the best skateboard magazines, go to:





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