OutLook Skateboards, Marc Silvestri, and the Top Cow Comics presents:



Limited Edition "The Darkness" Decks #2

Below are the NEW and only official "The Darkness" skateboard decks created! These are the second decks to exist in an ongoing series created by Top Cow Comics and manufactured exclusively thru OutLook Skateboards. So technically there being called "The Darkness" Decks #2.


The Darkness Decks #2

Available in two different size widths:



Each deck will be individually hand numbered 1 threw 100 as shown on decks tail image to your left.

The Darkness is © 2009 Top Cow Productions, Inc. "The Darkness," the Darkness logos, and the likeness of all featured characters are registered trademarks of Top Cow Productions, Inc.



Decks will also contain a very limited "The Darkness" Comic signed by Marc Silvestri himself, "The Darkness" creator!



"The Darkness" featured on recent cover of PLAY Magazine!!!


"The Darkness" featured on below cover for the Official Playstation Magazine!!!




Check out the Top Cow Comics home page for more info:


Check out the Marc Silvestri Art page for more info and amazing artwork from this artist.




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