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For the first time ever,

OutLook Skateboards and the Legendary Hardcore Punk Rock Band GBH presents:

Limited Edition Hardcore Punk Rock Legends Deck #1


Charged GBH Skateboard Decks:

GBH Deck size chart below:

Old School shape available size:

8.75" x 30.75" with a 14.5" wheel base.

Standard Popsicle Stick.

8.0" x 31" with a 14" wheel base.

7.75" x 31" with a 14" wheel base.

7.5" x 31" with a 14" wheel base.

Available in two different shapes, with many different sizes to choose from.

1. Old School shape (square tail).

2. Standard Popsicle Stick.



Check out punk rock legends GBH lead singer Colin wearing his OutLook Needles shirt while on their current world tour. Shirt is available on the Clothing Page



Each deck will contain a card (shown below) signed by each member of the band. Card is shrink wrapped within the deck. Each deck will also be individually numbered from 1 through 300.


Old School GBH Shape (below)


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NOTE: We will only ship Internationally to the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany at the moment, and will only use the Airmail services. We have used shipping by Sea and it is a nightmare. It can take up to 3 months. We DO NOT ship to Indonesia!

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GBH Music:


GBH (City Baby Attached By Rats)


ONLY: $14.99 (each) w/ FREE shipping!


GBH CD (City Baby Attacked By Rats) Track list:

1 Time Bomb
2 Sick Boy
3 War Dogs
4 Slut
5 Maniac
6 Gunned Down
7 I Am The Hunted
8 City Baby Attacked By Rat
9 Prayer Of A Realist
10 Passenger On The Menu
11 Heavy Discipline
12 Boston Babies
13 Bell End Bop
14 No Survivors
15 Self Destruct
16 Big Women
17 Am I Dead Yet?
18 Slit Your Own Throat



GBH (City Babys Revenge, 101 ways to kill a rat)


ONLY: $14.99 (each) w/ FREE shipping!


GBH CD (City Babys Revenge) Track list:

1 Diplomatic Immunity
2 Drugs Party in 526
3 See The Man Run
4 Vietnamese Blues
5 Womb With A View
6 The Forbidden Zone
7 Valley of Death
8 City Babys Revenge
9 Pins & Needles
10 Christianised Cannibals
11 Faster Faster
12 High Octane Fuel
13 I Feel Alright
14 Skanga (Herby Weed)

Bonus Tracks:
15 Give Me Fire
16 Mantrap
17 Cath 23
18 Hellhole
19 Do What You Do
20 Four Men
21 Children Of The Dust

22 Do What You Do (Concrete Mix)




One of the most uncompromising bands in the world, GBH originally formed in 1980 in Birmingham, England. Origianlly known as Charged GBH, (Grievous Bodily Harm), the four original members - Colin (vocals), Jock (guitar), Ross (bass), and Wilf (drums) - were influenced by such seminal punk bands as the Sex Pistols, the Damned, Slaughter and the Dogs, and their predecessors Iggy Pop and the New York Dolls. They quickly joined the ranks of the '80s punk movement with the release of Leather,Bristles, Studs, and Acne. Their early singles, "No Survivors" and "Give Me Fire", both reached the Top-75 of the UK sales charts. These early classics were later compiled as Leather, Bristles, No Survivors, and Sick Boys.

The first album, City Baby Attacked By Rats was released in 1982 and entered the Top 20 of the UK album charts. Also, the '83 album City Baby's Revenge fortified the typical GBH sound: noisy'n'distorted British hardcore with a slight metal touch. Like many of their hardcore peers, GBH's mid-'80s releases displayed a strong speedcore and metal-crossover influence. Definitely a bit of a departure, Midnight Madness and Beyond and Oh No, It's GBH Again! Nonetheless fueled the moshpit with high-octane energy. Subsequent productions such as No Need to Panic, From Here to Reality, A Fridge Too Far, and Church of the Truly Warped with their hyperdrive doublebass attacks could be described as metalcore.

However, in recent years, GBH has found its punk roots. With albums such as 1996's Punk Junkies, the bandreturned to the hardcore sound it was initially notoriousfor. Signed to Hello Records in 1999 to do an E.P.tentatively titled, "Punk Rock Ambulance", the punk rock sound will be sure to be faithfully intact. GBH have toured everywhere - from the USA through Mexico to Argentina, from Israel and all over Europe to Poland and in Japan. Bands like Metallica, Nirvana, Sepultura, and Slayer (who covered "Sick Boy" on their recent punk covers CD), have cited GBH as an influence.

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Formed: 1979
Influences: uk subs, discharge, peter and the test tube babies






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