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The Meatmen ...

The Meatmen were formed in Michigan in 1979 by Tesco Vee. In 1982, the band released the Blood Sausage 7" EP and the Crippled Children Suck 7" EP. We're The Meatmen... And You Suck! was released in 1983 as a compilation of remixed Blood Sausage tracks (side 2) and live material (side 1). In 1984, Tesco Vee broke up The Meatmen and moved to Washington, DC where he teamed up with former Minor Threat members and recorded the Dutch Hercules album as Tesco Vee And The Meatkrew. This band then became The Meatmen for several years before breaking up in 1988. Tesco has since reformed the band several other times. In 1986, Brian Baker left the band to form Dag Nasty. Lyle left the band in 1988 and went to work for Caroline Records.




Limited Edition "MEATMEN" Decks

These are the first and only official Meatmen skateboard decks to ever be produced. These decks will ONLY be offered for a short time, exclusively through OutLook Skateboards and The Meatmen! Only 100 Meatmen decks were made and most have been pre booked by our distributors and Meatmen / Tesco V fans. So don't miss out!

1. Each deck will come with a 10" X 8" glossy press photo signed by each member of the band!!! (shown above)



2. Each deck will also come with a FREE Meatmen DVD titled ...

"The Devil's In The Details DVD Vol 1"

This 3 hour romp through the last 30 years of Meatdom traces the origins of the most bombastic, purely sophomoric punk band of pranksters ever to pounce on an unsuspecting public. Tesco Vee, drum major in the squadron of doom, leads the manic maelstrom of hate-filled fun and frolic with live footage from 1979-2007, Tesco on TV, and more mindless moronic mayhem than shouldn't be allowed by law. Punk archivist Dirk Boinker has spent the last 2 years pouring over tapes, splicing, repairing and mentally masturbating his way to this... the sinsational final product! The only DVD officially endorsed by Satan.

Music Videos include: Centurions of Rome, Hotrails to Hell, Crippled Children Suck, Men! Meat and Fire, Pope On A Rope, Tooling For Anus, Camel Jockeys Suck, Stella, and I Want Drugs.
3 Hours of Raw Meat Pleasure! !!!
(dvd shown above)



3. And last but not least, Tesco V insisted on every Meatmen deck coming with a FREE Meatmen glossy 4-1/2" x 4" sticker.

"We're The Meatmean ...

... And You Suck!"

(shown above)


OutLook Meatmen Decks

Available in standard Popsicle Stix OR Old School Square Tail

Standard Popsicle Stix

7.75" or 7.5" x 31" w/ 14" wheel base. (choose desired width)

Old School shape / Square Tail

9.0" x 31.5" w/ 14.25" wheel base.




Tesco Vee = The Very Name Strikes Fear in the Hearts of God Fearing Fucks All Over the World.

Born into a strict Christian reformed background, TV has spent most of his adult life rebelling against societal norms, organized religion, and the French. From humble punk rock beginnings in East Lansing in 1979, THE MEATMEN rose to heavy duty heights in the 80's and 90's before cashing in their dubloons in 1996. Now on the eve of the re-emergence of the Dutch Hercules and his all new band of meat, he will retrace the origins of TV and the various lineups of losers who have swam in his wake all these decades. Doug Wood 2007




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