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If they aren't bad.......I don't know what is. The legendary Alva Dagger Team!!!



Below is a menu for our old school collection, broken up in different categories. Click on each category to take a trip back into that era of skateboarding. This section for the most part is under construction, so keep checking back.


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Vision Mark "GATOR" Ragowski collection:
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The Art Of Steve Olson
Local VA Beach PRO skaters deck collection:
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Highest priced skateboard in the world!!!

Interview (below) on the Thrasher Skateboard Magazine web site with OutLook owner Vince Spiceland. Vince sold and has the record for the most paid for a vintage skateboard in the skate collecting circuit. $6,000!!!!!




Below is an article that was featured in the May 2002 issue of Skateboarder Magazine.This article was on the most expensive skateboards in the world. Article featured a few decks from OutLook's Owner Vince's private collection.